inGRAPESweTRUST & The Wine Idealist presents…

What’s In Your Glass? 2015… 26th JULY 2015!



Newcastle’s own sustainable, artisan and real wine fair returns for the third year running, celebrating the best of Australian and New Zealand natural, organic, and biodynamic wines. Over 20 wineries from across Australia and New Zealand, including: 

NSW: Macquariedale I Tamburlaine I Ascella I Harkham I Vanguardist I Rosnay I A.Retief I Freeman I Sparrow & Vine

VIC: Bobar I Avani I Sutton Grange I Hochkirch

SA: Small Fry I Gemtree I Kalleske

WA: Freehand I Dormilona

TAS: Stefano Lubiana

Will all be pouring their wines for you to discover just what wine is really all about. The land, the sky, the sun, the people! 

– Roll On #WIYG2015

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